Why City Equities

Why City Equities

Some of our advantages:

  • Regulations
  • Safety of Funds
  • Trading Platforms

In 25 years of activity, City Equities Ltd has developed and matured to become one of the leaders in its field. We have dedicated tremendous energy in creating the best trading environment for our customers in an effort to ensure their success. City Equities Ltd strives to offer flawless customer support as well as cutting-edge technologies and trading tools to best suit their individual needs, all the while maintaining rigorous regulatory standards.

Safety of Funds

Safety of Funds

City Equities Ltd being a company established by professional traders who fully understand how frightening it can be to entrust such considerable amounts of hard-earned capital, we take every necessary measure to protect our customers' funds.
Traders already have enough on their plate as is, dealing with transactions that can involve thousands, if not millions of dollars. The last thing they need is to worry about is the safety of their funds, which could blur their judgment and even turn textbook profitable operations into tremendous losses. For this reason, City Equities Ltd spares no effort in ensuring its clients the safest, most comfortable and profitable trading environment.

Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms

City Equities Ltd has made all financial markets available to its clients via its state-of-the-art multilingual trading platform Metatrader, the unmatchable trading solution at the forefront of technology.
Forex, futures, CFDs and more with the platform's ultra user-friendly interface, which offers numerous highly customizable parameters to accommodate the specific needs and requirements of every trader.

Metatrader enables easy access to a complete array of ultra-efficient tools as well as real-time data, allowing traders to make the shrewdest decisions and ultimately enhance their profits.

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  • Mini Account

    - Minimum Dep: 3.000 $ 
    - Spr 3 PIP
    - Lev 1:500

  • Classic Account

    - Minimum Dep: 10.000 $
    - 2 PIP
    - Lev 1:300

  • Premium Account

    - Minimum Dep: 100.000 $
    - 1 to 2 PIP
    - Lev 1:300

  • Elite Account

    - Minimum Dep: + 500.000 $
    - 1 PIP
    - Lev 1:100